Packaging List

NanoBoard comes as a circuit board assembly. With a micro-USB connector for connection to the host PC and two 20 way male pin headers on the rear of the board for mounting to the test system.


One can also purchase a type A to micro-USB type B USB cable for connection to the host PC. This needs to be purchased separately on the online store.

USB cable

I2C Characteristics

  • Programmable line rates of 50kbit/s, 100kbit/s, 200kbit/s, 400kbit/s and 1MBit/s
  • Pull-up resistors to be placed external to NanoBoard.
  • Tolerant to 3V and 5V I2C.

SPI Characteristics

  • Programmable line rate 750kBit/s, 3Mbit/s or 12Mbit/s.
  • Configurable clock phase and polarity.
  • Multiple chip selects supported.
  • 3.3V interface.

GPIO Characteristics

  • 24 general purpose IO pins each configurable as input or output.
  • 3.3V interface.

Analogue IO

  • 4 analogue inputs for A/D conversion at 8 bit resolution.
  • 3.3V interface.


  • High level commands for IIC, SPI and GPIO to allow simple development of applications.
  • Extensive low level commands to allow flexible configuration of the interfaces.

Platform Support

Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux or Mac OS X.


The electronics of the MiniBoard is powered through the USB connection. No separate power supply cable is needed.

Mechanical Size

The MiniBoard circuit board assembly is 30mm x 37mm.


Nano River Technologies NanoBoard has been designed specifically for test purposes. It is not designed or guaranteed for integration into user’s products. Nano River Technologies takes no responsibility should the user choose to integrate NanoBoard into products. Nano River Technologies takes no responsibility for damage caused through use of the NanoBoard.