Custom Solutions & Consultancy

Nano River Technologies engineers have a broad range of experience spanning telecommunications, networking, defence, consumer electronics and medical electronics.

In addition to our products, we also offer high-quality electronics design, mechanical solutions and consultancy. Our technical core competencies include:

  • Digital electronics design
  • Analogue electronics design
  • Embedded software design
  • Windows, MacOS and Linux drivers
  • Windows, MacOS and Linux C/C++ applications
  • FPGA and ASIC design
  • Printed circuit board design

Often customers have found that they like Nano River Technologies products like the MiniBoard, but they would like some customisation. In this case, Nano River Technologies can offer custom applications including new circuit/firmware functionality, custom C/C++ applications, circuit integration with FPGA/ASIC and even mechanical housing.

Please send us an enquiry today if you would like to discuss a custom solution.

Custom solution 1

Custom solution 2